Tuesday, September 24, 2019

10 Trends You Need In Your Closet This Fall

FALL FASHION IS HERE!!! Saying it loud and proud for the people who do not know where to begin with this seasons trends. Here is my guide to looking awesome this Autumn. I put together a list of 10 fall fashion trends that are grasping all the attention. Love them or hate them, always remember to wear what makes YOU feel confident. Stay beautiful!
1. Western Boots
I am a California born, Jersey raised girl you guys. With that being said, I never thought western boots would be added to my cart but... they are a stunner this season! They are perfect for football game days, music festivals, or even a romper for a night out. Animal printed or solid colored, they go with so many options this fall.
2. Fringe
Who knew fringe would come back? Fringe is a fantasy this fall and I am here for it. Whether it be a sweater, a jacket, a purse, or boots, it is EVERYTHING and more! I adore a flare of detail and texture that fringe adds to an outfit!
3. Oversized Everything
Baggy clothes are my holy grail... turn your hungover clothes into fashion! Over-sized clothing is trendier than ever thanks to my celebrities. Street style has been surfacing Instagram for months now thanks to Hailey Bieber and Billie Elish. I'm obsessing over the baggy t-shirt and biker shorts trend along with blazers being casual. Throw on a huge sweatshirt and cinched sweatpants with chunky sneakers and you'll be ready for the fall season while staying stylish.
4. Jacquard Fabric
This next essential shines SO bright it will leave an impact on everything around you! If you haven't yet seen jacquard fabric skirts or crop tops then your wardrobe is about to thank you. This pattern is effortless but is a true statement because of the expensive vibe it gives off. You can find jacquard fabric clothes for a steal on Forever 21, Shein or your local boutique. Glow this fall with your shiny outfits, darling!
5. Belted Sweaters
If you looked in my closet, you would call me crazy for how many belts I own. I think belts should be worn with every outfit to add the cutest flare! Not only do belts flatter your waist, but they break up a monochromatic colored or plain outfit. Belted clothing will be all over the streets this season, but specifically with sweaters. Throw on a wide brim hat and you are ready for the classiest trend of the fall time.

6. Denim on Denim
Who wants to head back to the 90's and wear all of their iconic fashion trends? I know I do!! Between the grungy vibe, the plaid two piece sets, and the boyfriend fit jeans, I feel like I was meant to thrive in that decade. Luckily, these trends are coming back into play and the denim on denim trend makes me beyond happy! Denim is a staple and a classic, you can easily dress it up or down. I have many visions of wearing denim jackets with ripped boyfriend jeans and a cropped white t-shirt (inspiration from my beautiful mother when she was in her teenage years). If you want to ease into the all denim look, you can start with a denim dress or a denim romper paired with a white or black denim jacket... slowly but surely.
7. Shades of Green

Go green or go home! Green was my least favorite color a year ago but it has grown on me because it has so much potential. In my previous blog post, I mentioned neon green was a summer vibe, this fall will tone it down and embrace a completely different concept for the color green. Sage is the perfect shade of green and considered a neutral in my book. When I predicted the color of the season, I honestly did not think a muted green would enter my closet. Pistachio green compliments tan skin so well... therefore I better start self tanning!
8. Lace Biker Boots

Biker boots are stomping all around our wardrobes this fall. I could not love these lace boots more if I tried and I cannot wait to collect a variety of biker boots this autumn! I have no words to describe Dr. Martens besides... AMAZING. But, what's even better is adorable platform lace ups from inexpensive websites such as Nasty Gal, Princess Polly, or Pretty Little Thing. These boots are so versatile and they are more than perfect for this season.
9. Corduroy
Alright, let me explain why this is a necessity this fall. Corduroy clothing and accessories screams HELLO FALL! I absolutely love the subtle pattern with detailed stitching. Warm toned jeans, baseball caps, mini backpacks, or jackets with this material are taking over my closet. I will give credit to Pacsun as they carry the cutest corduroy pieces. I love inexpensive fashion more than anyone but I do have a passion for high end designer apparel as well (not like I can afford it but I can window shop). Luxury fashion shows help me gain a lot of inspiration for the upcoming season and I noticed textured clothing such as ribbed, quilted, or blanket pattern was on the rise as well.
10. Chain Jewelry
Last but certainly not least, preferably one of my favorites is of course an accessory. I hardly talked about accessories so far, but that's because I will be wearing chain jewelry all year long. Gold jewelry is pretty much all I own but this trend is bringing out a new side in me by craving some silver in my life. Layered necklaces have even around for a while now but layered chain necklaces is a whole new level of style. Again, this trend might not be loved by you, so start off with a small hook chained necklace and I promise you'll learn to love the look!
I could go on forever and list all of my fall trend predictions and suggestions for this upcoming season, but I know all of you will look beautiful no matter what you wear or buy! I am excited to pair all of these pieces together and create fall looks. Thank you SO much for reading, I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone who supports my fashion blog!


Monday, September 2, 2019

10 Summer Trends I Loved
Happy September everyone :) Long time no talk!! Excited is an understatement when it comes to writing this blog post today for SO many reasons. I have been loving every single trend that evolved this summer. Summer 2019 has been a time for branching out and trying new things and I have no complaints. I cannot believe summer is coming to a conclusion and fall fashion is on the rise. As most of you know, fall fashion is my favorite fashion so I am super stoked to write a blog post all about the fall season. But, before I start writing about fall trends, lets do a recap of summer 2019.
1. Neon
Let me start by saying that neon is not a new trend at all. Actually, most of the trends I'm talking about today are not. As many of you are well aware, we cannot give credit to Forever 21 or American Apparel for the comeback. We can all thank our parents for living in the 70s and 80s and the beginning of bright colors and unique styles. When I first started seeing neon green take over Instagram, I thought it was strange but then I tried it out for myself and now my closet has a great deal of vibrant colors. With this being said, I do not think this trend will stick through the fall season, but I can see it coming back into play in the future.
2. Animal Print
Animal Print is EVERYTHING. Snake skin and cheetah print have been around for over a year now but this summer a lot more fun animal prints were discovered! Zebra and cow print have taken over my favorite clothing stores with the CUTEST apparel and I am here for it. I adore animal print for not only clothing, but also home decor, purses, jewelry, and way more. It adds a subtle touch of detail.
3. Hair Accessories
Hats, headbands, hair clips, scarfs, and scrunchies are exactly what we needed this summer without even knowing it. I am all about wearing hair accessories with every single outfit, whether it be a casual outfit I threw on to run errands, or a trendy two piece set for game day. This summer specifically was a time for new experiments in the fashion world when it comes to trendy hair pieces. Pearl hair clips and velvet headbands were SO loved by fashion enthusiasts.
4. Wicker/Straw
I know I usually talk about strictly fashion on my blog, but I have a strong passion for home decor and designing as well. With that being said, I love coordinating my favorite fashion trends with my house decoration ideas. This summer was the perfect time to embrace the wicker and straw detailing trend for a neutral tone in a bedroom or a bohemian vibe on a purse. A straw pattern is simple yet screams fashion. It is simple and to the point, but necessary in your summer closet.
5. Small Purses
Speaking of wicker bags, another iconic trend from this summer that will continue in the fall are small bags. Tiny pleather bags to accessorize rather than carry your products reminds me of a Calabasas chic look. I love this trend SO much because it is perfect for year round, not just this past summer.
6. Small Sunglasses
Less is more... right? In certain scenario's that is vital. When it comes to sunglasses, I have been dying over the vintage cat eyes. If you haven't viewed my previous blog post discussing my favorite sunglasses under $15, I will link it here. Most of those sunnies were small yet gave off big energy. This trend will slowly fade away, but I am confident it will come back just like the others.
7. Minimalistic Gold Jewelry
Gold over silver any day... do you agree? I am a huge fan of warm toned jewelry and that'll never change. Recently, minimalistic jewelry has been my obsession. Small thick gold hoops, dainty gold necklaces and gold stacked rings have been a trend this summer! In the spring, excessive statement earrings were a vibe but that has faded away and contrasted to a minimal vibe.
8. Chunky Sneakers
Love them or hate them... chunky sneakers were a vibe this summer. The vintage inspired "dad shoes" were seen everywhere and I personally thrived off of it. The fashion community has many mixed feelings towards the retro sneakers but pairing them with midi skirts, floral dresses, denim shorts, oversized t-shirts, and pretty much anything in your wardrobe is iconic. They can be worn with nearly everything because they are so versatile!
9. Baggy Denim/Cut Offs
This next trend hasn't been a favorite of mine but fashion bloggers all over Instagram have been killing this look in the best ways. As many of you know, thrifting and recreating is a trend this summer and with that being said, heading to your local thrift shop and finding old denim jeans is the key to this trend! You can grab mens or women's to achieve this look. Throw on a cute belt to cinch the waist and you have the baggy jeans trend compete. Cut off jeans, also known as Bermuda shorts remind me of elementary school days yet it is adored in our generation today.
10. High Waisted Bathing Suit
Last but definitely not least, my favorite trend this summer was easily high waisted bikini's ladies! Trends come and go but this style bathing suit seems to come back around each decade and it boosts women's confident levels immensely. My favorite part of the high waisted look is not only how adorable the styles are, but also the way it flatters every body type no matter what kind of curves or shapes you have. Although this trend is always coming and leaving, I hope it stays for a while because it always hides my food baby!

WOW! Feels good to be back writing on my blog again. Summer trends are to die for... but I am beyond excited for fall fashion, ladies! Thank you SO much for reading this post. I appreciate all of you more than you'll know.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Get The Look For Less X Fashion Dupes

I started this blog with the intentions to help my readers find the best deals and steals, while also feeling confident in what they put on their body. I have noticed that SO many boutiques, clothing lines, and other stores that sell apparel overprice everything! If you're interested in getting the look for less on my favorite fashion pieces then stay tuned!! XO
I plan on doing these fashion dupes monthly because Im always finding steals on the trendiest apparel and accessories!
Fashion Dupe #1:
Floral dresses will always be a classic for summertime. Whether you prefer loose fitting pieces, or fit and flattering items, you can find so many inexpensive items. I have the dupe version of this dress in two colors and it is not only ADORABLE but it is comfortable and practical. I found the exact same dress on Amazon Prime AND it was $30 cheaper.
You can find this inexpensive dupe here!
Fashion Dupe #2: 
Hats are EVERYTHING in 2019. A wide brim hat can spice up any outfit you throw on, it can cover up a bad hair day, or it can block the sun in the summertime. I would suggest having at least one neutral colored straw fedora/wide brim hat in your closet... or ten! I adore the Lack of Colors brand and all of their trendy hats, but I don't think I will ever be able to splurge on a hat that can only be worn in the warm seasons. Luckily, I found a similar option on Forever 21 for a more appropriate price!! You could save over $70 by getting the look for less!
You can find the dupe option here!!
Fashion Dupe #3: 
Alright, I am guilty of spending TOO much money on these Steve Madden studded sneakers for $90. It was an impulsive decision but I should have done my research on these spunky sneaks a little more because Shein has super similar shoes and I could have saved over $60! White sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe, but a pair of white sneakers with a pop of color is hands down amazing! I love the edgy touch with the studded outline along with the platform bottom.
You can find these duped sneakers here!
Fashion Dupe #4: 
High waisted bikinis are beyond perfect this summer. They hide the food baby in your stomach, the "bloats" from that time of the month, and all around it is flattering and creates an hourglass effect. Not everyone loves a crisp white bikini but I love a bright look. I love this duped v neck line bikini from Amazon Prime. The quality is thick and durable, and the all around appearance looks luxury. You could save $180 on this seasonable piece.
You can find the dupe here! It comes in so many adorable colors.
Fashion Dupe #5:
This wouldn't be a summer blog post with some sunnies! I am borderline obsessed with these hexagon shaped sunglasses under $13 that look so similar to Ray Bans. I have them in a few colors and they fit the face perfect! You can save $165 by getting the look for less.
Find the cutest sunnies dupe here!
Thank you SO much for reading my loves. Happy shopping!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Summer Staples

What’s up loves!! I cannot wait to share my holy grail summer necessities with you all. I’ll be honest, I am not a big fan of change. I hardly ever switch up my make up, skincare routine, or hair products. Once I find something I am in love with, I stick with it. My summer essentials could easily stay the same for the next 5 years and I would be content!

Summer Staple #1: Small Accessories With a Big Impact

Let’s start off with my essential accessories in the summertime. I am loving the chunky hoop earring trend more than anything this season. I purchased these small gold hoops (30 mm) from Amazon Prime way back and I have been wearing them nearly everyday since. My favorite part of these inexpensive earrings are the clipped backing of the earring. Losing small things is like my job- I am horrible with keeping track of my items, especially an earring back. These earrings were made for me. Along with the thick hoops, I have been obsessed with puka shell necklaces. This bohemian statement necklace brings me back to my childhood days! This piece screams summer and it looks adorable styled with several gold chains or multiple necklaces. Lastly, Quay Australia sunglasses are my absolute favorite brand. I prefer Quay eyewear over any designer brand because of the pricing and unique pieces. I have countless amounts of sunnies designed by them that I have collected over the years and they are timeless. I wear these specific sunglasses from Quay Australia
daily and I always receive compliments. They are my go-to pair and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  

Summer Staple #2: Beloved Beauty Products

I'd rather go completely natural in the summertime with no make up but when I do decide to glam up, I have a lot of fun using my creative side. My favorite foundation is the Estée Lauder Double Wear but in the hot, sunny, sweaty summer, I prefer a foundation with SPF to protect my skin. The IT cosmetics CC cream is comfortable on my skin and it is overall perfect for summer. My favorite part of my make up routine is the eye shadow portion and the smoky eyes tricks I can mess around with. I wear the same colors schemes year round (I’m boring)!! Mauves, pinks, and oranges are my signature look and between the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette and the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette in Bloom palette, my money was well spent. I prefer the Tarte palette in Bloom sometimes because it is a smaller size and it Is easy to travel with. I said it before, and I’ll say it again... I cannot stand doing my hair. I don’t know why, but I dread doing anything hair related! On that note, dry shampoo is my best friend. The Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe dry shampoo has a fresh scent and leaves your hair with volume and cleaner. I have travel size bottles that I bring everywhere with me! 

Summer Staple #3: Twist of Trends

I love adding a twist of my own detail on my outfits to spice things up! Whether it be a bold accessory, hair clips, or a mix of prints, I love it all. I have a whole blog post on my hair accessory essentials coming soon and I am beyond excited! My ultimate summer staples that create a trendy image would be a wide brim hat and a hair scarf. I purchased this simple hat years ago, yet it feels brand new. The original band on the fedora is black but I added my favorite hair scarf to make it more summery. I wear this patterned hair scarf in my hair, on my purses, wrapped around hats, as a top, and so much more. Amazon has dozens of colors and prints, It was just under $8, and has so many purposes. It wouldn’t be summer without a worn out pair of slide sandals! I love slide sandals in all colors a lot more than thong flip flops. They dress up a casual outfit and adds a feminine flare. I wear these Shein sandals everyday and they are so comfortable! Last, but not least, small purses are the best thing to own this season. LADIES, everyone and their mother are obsessing over the wicker bag trend. I am head over heels for the straw bags, especially this reasonably priced cross body from Amazon Prime! 

I hope you are all having an amazing summer so far- it is going by WAY too fast though!! Look forward to read some of my favorite upcoming posts as we transition into the fall season soon. Thank you SO much for reading, you have no idea how much it means to me!


Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Star Eyes For This Fit X $20 Or Less!

Hello beautiful people! Wow, I can't believe June is over and July has started. 2019 is already half way over and it is bittersweet. I love new seasons because new styling trends begin and fashion fads end. I am beyond excited to see what fashion trends launch this fall. I only have a little bit left of summer to express my favorite looks and pieces I have found over the past few months but in this blog post, I am sharing one of my all time favorite finds.
Since the celebration of America is coming up so soon, i wanted to share a Fourth of July inspired outfit from one of my favorite affordable websites. I am borderline obsessed with this sparkly star printed matching top and bottom set from Shein. This outfit was such a steal- this top was only $6 and these flare bottoms were just $14. Comfortable is an understatement for these pants!!! This was the comfiest two piece set EVER! Not only were they soft and stretchy, but they were flattering and super high-waisted. I continued the more feminine look by pairing this pale pink set with black ankle strap heels from Nasty Gal (they run slightly big- size down). The positioning of the ankle strap makes the legs appear more elongated, but these shoes only have a 3 inch heel so they are easy to walk in. As you all know, hats are my thing. I wear this black wide brim hat with so much, and it still feels brand new. I snagged this gem from Target a while ago and it is not sold anymore, but I will link a very similar option here. I had to accessorize with silver because of the large silver zipper on the bottoms. I hardly own silver jewelry because i'm a gold loving girl. But, this chain and key lock necklace is a set from Amazon. Originally, I had ordered this necklace in gold but they sent me the wrong one. I was bothered at first but it worked out for the best because it's my new go-to silver accessory. But, if you place an order yourself, be aware it might be messed up like mine. I adore unique jewelry pieces like arm cuffs, so I knew I had to pair one with this outfit. I only have gold arm cuffs, so I took an old silver bracelet and stretched it to fit as an arm cuff (I do not recommend doing this haha!) Last but not least, I threw on these small statement sunnies to complete this look. Sunglasses weren't a necessity because my hat blocked the sun from my eyes squinting... kinda. But, I like to think "the more, the better" when it comes to accessorizing.

I hope you all have a great holiday and thank you for reading!
XO, Sierra


Friday, June 28, 2019

How I Style My T-Shirts X All Under $20

Comfort is key ladies, and with that being said, graphic tee's, plain white tee's, and oversized tee's are the way to go. I have collected a lot of graphic tee's over the years. Since graphic tee's are timeless, that means they never get old. I even like to think, the older the better because of the vintage effect it gives. T-shirt's are fun to style and they pair with other pieces in my closet. Not only does it give a relaxed vibe, but it creates true comfort that appears like you actually tried. This blog post, I will be sharing my top five favorite T-Shirt's all under $20!
For starters, a classic lip bite print is a staple trend this summer. I styled this glittery lip print t-shirt with a bright pink pleated skort. This look is one of my favorites out of all five because it was the most "me". It felt most like me because I added animal print to this outfit with leopard booties and a black wide brim hat. I added translucent yellow aviators as well. I sized up in this Amazon Prime top to a large because I wanted a looser fit so I could tie it in a front knot.
Let's switch up from booties to sneakers. White sneaks go with every single outfit ever, in my opinion. Since leopard is practically a neutral to me, I styled this next outfit with a leopard fanny pack, of course. I have been loving the mix of print trend going around so I decided to try it out but a little less obnoxious. I mixed the leopard with my star pleather skirt and it added a hint of edginess. A good cropped tee is so flattering with high waisted bottoms, but don't worry, if you don't own a cropped graphic tee, it is SO simple to DIY it. This t-shirt is my best friend's that I borrowed (and probably never giving back- sorry Ally) and she cropped it herself to create a more feminine effect. I could not find an exact link for this top, but I found a similar option here that you can take some scissors to yourself! You can never go wrong with a top knot bun and oversized sunnies. I absolutely hate doing my hair, so I always throw it up and try my best to make it look presentable.
Band Tee's are mostly all I wear for Pajamas and around my house. I probably have nearly twenty different band tees and I have no shame. This oversized Nirvana T-shirt is so soft and feels like a blanket with arm holes. If you're going to learn anything from my blog, I want it to be this: you do not have to spend a lot of money on clothes, especially graphic tees. There are some very expensive band tee's at stores, but as long as you size up on Amazon Prime, or Nasty Gal, etc. You will find your dream tee. You can even go thrifting at your local thrift shop and find amazing options in the men's section. I am wearing a double extra large in this t-shirt for a very oversized look. I decided to show off my figure by pairing a D-ring belt that singes in my waist. Combat boots are a total confidence booster. throw on a good pair of studded combat boots and you can take on the day with fearlessness. Other than this oversized Nirvana tee, the statement piece in this outfit are these adorable star hair clips. Im on board with this hair accessory trend, so I have been constantly wearing hair clips to add accessories other than Jewelry.
Graphic tee's don't always have be "boyish" though, I found this dainty designed white tee on Nasty Gal that can be dressed up or dressed down. Luckily, this also comes in black. I am wearing a size medium so it is breathable but not completely oversized. I decided to dress it up with some striped pants and slide sandals. This outfit wouldn't be styled by me if it didn't have a wide brim hat. Summer screams warm tones so I had to continue to trend with a straw crossbody bag. Wicker purses, straw totes, and anything along those lines are noticeably stylish this summer. I have loved this trend for such a long time. I had the vision of adding a slight amount of cool tones. What better way to do that rather than adding a hair scarf? Since I was already wearing a hat, I added the hair scarf to my purse!
Alright, last but definitely not least, this outfit is a walking set of pajamas! I am beyond obsessed with this look, it is SO comfortable and SO easy to accomplish. You can get away with bed head and no make up. But, most importantly, this graphic tee and sweat short set can double as sleepwear. I have worn this outfit out and about, but also as cozy nighttime wear. I found this top and these bottoms at the one and only, TJMAXX. I could not find the exact shirt on their website, so I will link a similar option here. Like I previously stated, combat boots create empowerment. This outfit might be "chill" but combat boots dress it up like no other. Considering this is a easy breezy outfit and I hate doing my hair, I added my favorite bucket hat to cover up my messy mane.
You might think a t-shirt isn't "style" or "cute" but as long as you feel happy in it, then that's all that matters. Acquiring style isn't about the clothes you wear, it's about the way you feel. Always remember to wear clothes that boost your confidence. Thank you for reading my blog post :) I hope you have a great day.

XO, Sierra


Saturday, June 22, 2019

Sweet Summer Suit X Under $20

The easiest, comfiest, AND cutest beach look I've ever worn.
This one piece belted bathing suit covers all of the food I scarfed down before this photo was taken, and it looks like I put in way more effort than I actually did. What screams summer more than a crisp white bathing suit to enhance your tanned skin? This killer swimsuit and adorable hat will leave you with so much confidence. Not only is this one piece bathing suit from Amazon Prime flattering because of the cut, style, and lining, but it the belt singes in your waist and creates an hour glass effect. One pieces are always a great decision, and luckily this one comes in 9 colors so you can pick which one you feel the best in (I am wearing a size medium and it is true to size with adjustable straps). If I can keep my payment under $20, I usually feel less horrible about my shopping addiction, thankfully, Amazon helped me again with my savings by making this bathing suit only $17.99!!!
This outfit wouldn't be a Sierra styled outfit without some animal print incorporated. Of course, I had to add leopard details to this beach day look. I am overly obsessed with all types of hats in the summer time. I love wide brim hats, straw hats, fedoras, cabby hats and beyond. Any hat can add SO much to an outfit. You can never go wrong with a cute cap! I usually get my hats on Amazon Prime, at Target, or TJ Maxx. In my opinion, they all have the best options. I used to make fun of my boyfriend for wearing bucket hats, but here I am a few years later wearing them all the time. Reversible apparel is similar to a buy one get one free since it is a two in one kinda deal. Luckily, I found this high quality bucket hat on Amazon Prime that has all white on one side and leopard print on the other. If white is not your color, well that is alright because they have various other color options. Two hats for the price of one is not only amazing, but when the price is under $12 it is even better. Snag this reversible bucket hat for ONLY $11.99!
The last essential accessory with this outfit is my new favorite summer bag. This crotchet beach bag matches with every bohemian outfit in your wardrobe. The beige color tone complimented my leopard hat well. I will 100% be using this bag all summer long. My favorite part of this woven shoulder bag is the fact that is was handmade! This handmade crotchet tote was only $15.99

Styling Tip: The one piece swimsuit can also double as a cute bodysuit :)

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