Monday, June 10, 2019

Wild Child X Everything Under $20

Before I start telling you guys all about one of my all time favorite summer looks... I just wanted to thank you in advance for reading my blog! This is my first post, I am nervous, excited, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy!!!

Alright, LADIES this outfit is such a vibe, but the best part is it's all affordable. My skirt and hat are from my favorite place to shop- Amazon Prime. If you know me, you know I order from amazon multiple times a week and I have no complaints. Amazon Prime is not only two day shipping but it is also free returns so it makes online shopping less scary and lacks full commitment. The black top I styled with this outfit is from Amazon originally but I discovered it on Romwe for cheaper. Romwe has similar options in comparison to Amazon Prime and this item was such a steal! 
If I could wear hats every day for the rest of my life if I would! Styling wide brim hats, baseball caps, beret's, fedoras and many other types of hats is my favorite. In today's look, I wore a Women's Greek Fisherman's hat. I am obsessed with these hats- I have so many colors! This black one is essential because it literally matches everything in your closet.
My wrap tie top is a statement piece that actually doubles as a trendy bathing suit as well (definitely bad tan lines). I purchased this top years ago but hardly touched it until recently. I completely forgot I had it and now I have to make up for lost times and wear it a ton! You'll never believe how inexpensive this Romwe bathing suit was... only $10.95. Sizes range from a small to an extra large and it runs true to size- I am wearing a small in this photo. This gorgeous suit comes in a variety of colors perfect for the summer.
The best part of this outfit is the vibrant orange midi skirt. Anything leopard screams my name (my closet is full of animal print). This midi skirt has to be one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe because it is so unique. I found this item on amazon for only $18.99 and it ranges from sizes small to extra large. The skirt comes in several different colors and prints too! In this photo, my skirt has a slit up the side because I wanted to add an edgy touch so I cut it with scissors. 

I hope you enjoyed! Always remember to wear what makes you happy. 
xo, Sierra



  1. My bestie is a QUEEN i love you

  2. My personal stylist & fashion icon KILLING IT 💖💖💖

  3. I admire everything about this ❤️ KEEP IT UP


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