Monday, June 17, 2019

You Can Never Have Too Many Sunnies X Trendiest Sunglasses Under $15

What's up guys! This week I wanted to share my favorite sunglasses under $15. Summer 2019 has arrived and my style has shifted since last year. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out new trends. I personally own all of these sunglasses and I wear them all religiously. Always remember... you can never have too many sunnies in your life!
I know some people prefer to splurge on expensive sunglasses because they treat them with care and purchase timeless styles. But, as a twenty year old college student who wears sunnies to every event, lavish sunglasses are not an option for me. With that being said, get the look for less! I used to be the type of person to buy a pair of upscale aviator sunglasses each summer and wear them all day everyday. As a fashion lover, I enjoy trying out new trends and fads throughout each season. What better way is there to accessorize in the sweet summertime? Sunglasses are not only a stylish focal point to an outfit, but they help to make you look more alive when you spend your days with a fresh face of no make up. One of my favorite parts of bold shades are the way they dress up any outfit. I kid you not, I revolve a lot of outfits around a pair of sunnies in the summer.

I am absolutely loving the small sunglass trend this season. Out of all of my inexpensive sunglasses, nearly half of them are vintage styled with small frames. I have purchases neutral tones and bright colors to spice up a plain outfit. I have a black, white and tortoise brown print for an array of apparel. I never thought I would be a fan of colorful vintage sunglasses but I stepped out of my comfort zone and tested out a new style. I encourage everyone to branch out because you never know what can add to your confidence until you try.
All black sunglasses are perfect for an edgy vibe outfit. Not only does this pair of tiny black sunnies go well with any hair color and skin tone, but they match well with sweats or a dress depending on what makes you feel confident. I literally bring these sunglasses with me everywhere I go because I can wear them while running errands or heading to the city for a day trip. The possibilities are endless.
In contrast to the all black sunglasses, I also have a white pair that creates a classier energy. I wear the white framed shades with outfits that are more feminine and dressed up. White cat eye sunglasses make me feel like I'm a cast member of the movie Grease. The white and black cat eye sunglasses can be purchased for as low as $12.
Tortoise brown prints are everywhere this season, you can find them in any mall, any boutique or most online stores. It is a print that can be mixed with other prints because it is not overwhelming. I love styling these sunnies with sun dresses, bikinis, floppy hats, and summery sets. You only have to spend $13 to achieve a classy look.
What is better than an all white romper, dress, or two piece set with a pop of color? The last two small sunnies I wanted to share are vibrant and make a total statement. Lavender is a beautiful color for warm weather. These translucent cat eye sunglasses are great for football games because they come in so many colors! Depending on your school colors, you can support your sports teams while staying on trend at the same time. I bought the purple tone for the East Carolina University Pirates! I spent just $13 for this fashionable accessory. For even cheaper, I bought a unique shaped pair of sunglasses with pointed tips and a yellow lens to support my school colors. The overall price of these adorable sunnies were only $8.
Aviator sunglasses will always be a favorite in my eyes. I love adding a hint of bling and  incorporating my inner Britney Spears into my wardrobe. How cute are these studded brown gradient    aviators under $13? I pair these with an edgy or classy outfit because they are so versatile. Secondly, I wear these yellow translucent aviators with silver accents for all occasions in the summertime! Yellow reminds me of sunshine and happiness. You will automatically gain positive vibes by purchasing these trendy shades. You won't have to spend over $10 to steal this look.
I have major heart eyes for these red statement sunglasses that are just under $10. You will fall in love with these oversized sunnies and all of the colorful options they carry. Oversized sunglasses are perfect for a beach day when you want to protect your eyes and look cute while doing it.
Last but not least, one of my all time favorite pair of sunglasses are these oversized blocked pair. All black sunnies are hands down amazing. But, these LA inspired large sunglasses are more than JUST amazing. I never thought I would be able to pull these off but I feel more confident in these than any other one I own. When I say these are the ultimate fashion statement, I truly mean it. The best part of these sunnies are the price- ONLY $8 for these stunners!
Thank you SO much for joining me in this blog post!!! I hope you gain some style inspiration and step out of YOUR comfort with new fashion trends.
XO, Sierra

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