Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Get The Look For Less X Fashion Dupes

I started this blog with the intentions to help my readers find the best deals and steals, while also feeling confident in what they put on their body. I have noticed that SO many boutiques, clothing lines, and other stores that sell apparel overprice everything! If you're interested in getting the look for less on my favorite fashion pieces then stay tuned!! XO
I plan on doing these fashion dupes monthly because Im always finding steals on the trendiest apparel and accessories!
Fashion Dupe #1:
Floral dresses will always be a classic for summertime. Whether you prefer loose fitting pieces, or fit and flattering items, you can find so many inexpensive items. I have the dupe version of this dress in two colors and it is not only ADORABLE but it is comfortable and practical. I found the exact same dress on Amazon Prime AND it was $30 cheaper.
You can find this inexpensive dupe here!
Fashion Dupe #2: 
Hats are EVERYTHING in 2019. A wide brim hat can spice up any outfit you throw on, it can cover up a bad hair day, or it can block the sun in the summertime. I would suggest having at least one neutral colored straw fedora/wide brim hat in your closet... or ten! I adore the Lack of Colors brand and all of their trendy hats, but I don't think I will ever be able to splurge on a hat that can only be worn in the warm seasons. Luckily, I found a similar option on Forever 21 for a more appropriate price!! You could save over $70 by getting the look for less!
You can find the dupe option here!!
Fashion Dupe #3: 
Alright, I am guilty of spending TOO much money on these Steve Madden studded sneakers for $90. It was an impulsive decision but I should have done my research on these spunky sneaks a little more because Shein has super similar shoes and I could have saved over $60! White sneakers are a must have in your wardrobe, but a pair of white sneakers with a pop of color is hands down amazing! I love the edgy touch with the studded outline along with the platform bottom.
You can find these duped sneakers here!
Fashion Dupe #4: 
High waisted bikinis are beyond perfect this summer. They hide the food baby in your stomach, the "bloats" from that time of the month, and all around it is flattering and creates an hourglass effect. Not everyone loves a crisp white bikini but I love a bright look. I love this duped v neck line bikini from Amazon Prime. The quality is thick and durable, and the all around appearance looks luxury. You could save $180 on this seasonable piece.
You can find the dupe here! It comes in so many adorable colors.
Fashion Dupe #5:
This wouldn't be a summer blog post with some sunnies! I am borderline obsessed with these hexagon shaped sunglasses under $13 that look so similar to Ray Bans. I have them in a few colors and they fit the face perfect! You can save $165 by getting the look for less.
Find the cutest sunnies dupe here!
Thank you SO much for reading my loves. Happy shopping!

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