Monday, September 2, 2019

10 Summer Trends I Loved
Happy September everyone :) Long time no talk!! Excited is an understatement when it comes to writing this blog post today for SO many reasons. I have been loving every single trend that evolved this summer. Summer 2019 has been a time for branching out and trying new things and I have no complaints. I cannot believe summer is coming to a conclusion and fall fashion is on the rise. As most of you know, fall fashion is my favorite fashion so I am super stoked to write a blog post all about the fall season. But, before I start writing about fall trends, lets do a recap of summer 2019.
1. Neon
Let me start by saying that neon is not a new trend at all. Actually, most of the trends I'm talking about today are not. As many of you are well aware, we cannot give credit to Forever 21 or American Apparel for the comeback. We can all thank our parents for living in the 70s and 80s and the beginning of bright colors and unique styles. When I first started seeing neon green take over Instagram, I thought it was strange but then I tried it out for myself and now my closet has a great deal of vibrant colors. With this being said, I do not think this trend will stick through the fall season, but I can see it coming back into play in the future.
2. Animal Print
Animal Print is EVERYTHING. Snake skin and cheetah print have been around for over a year now but this summer a lot more fun animal prints were discovered! Zebra and cow print have taken over my favorite clothing stores with the CUTEST apparel and I am here for it. I adore animal print for not only clothing, but also home decor, purses, jewelry, and way more. It adds a subtle touch of detail.
3. Hair Accessories
Hats, headbands, hair clips, scarfs, and scrunchies are exactly what we needed this summer without even knowing it. I am all about wearing hair accessories with every single outfit, whether it be a casual outfit I threw on to run errands, or a trendy two piece set for game day. This summer specifically was a time for new experiments in the fashion world when it comes to trendy hair pieces. Pearl hair clips and velvet headbands were SO loved by fashion enthusiasts.
4. Wicker/Straw
I know I usually talk about strictly fashion on my blog, but I have a strong passion for home decor and designing as well. With that being said, I love coordinating my favorite fashion trends with my house decoration ideas. This summer was the perfect time to embrace the wicker and straw detailing trend for a neutral tone in a bedroom or a bohemian vibe on a purse. A straw pattern is simple yet screams fashion. It is simple and to the point, but necessary in your summer closet.
5. Small Purses
Speaking of wicker bags, another iconic trend from this summer that will continue in the fall are small bags. Tiny pleather bags to accessorize rather than carry your products reminds me of a Calabasas chic look. I love this trend SO much because it is perfect for year round, not just this past summer.
6. Small Sunglasses
Less is more... right? In certain scenario's that is vital. When it comes to sunglasses, I have been dying over the vintage cat eyes. If you haven't viewed my previous blog post discussing my favorite sunglasses under $15, I will link it here. Most of those sunnies were small yet gave off big energy. This trend will slowly fade away, but I am confident it will come back just like the others.
7. Minimalistic Gold Jewelry
Gold over silver any day... do you agree? I am a huge fan of warm toned jewelry and that'll never change. Recently, minimalistic jewelry has been my obsession. Small thick gold hoops, dainty gold necklaces and gold stacked rings have been a trend this summer! In the spring, excessive statement earrings were a vibe but that has faded away and contrasted to a minimal vibe.
8. Chunky Sneakers
Love them or hate them... chunky sneakers were a vibe this summer. The vintage inspired "dad shoes" were seen everywhere and I personally thrived off of it. The fashion community has many mixed feelings towards the retro sneakers but pairing them with midi skirts, floral dresses, denim shorts, oversized t-shirts, and pretty much anything in your wardrobe is iconic. They can be worn with nearly everything because they are so versatile!
9. Baggy Denim/Cut Offs
This next trend hasn't been a favorite of mine but fashion bloggers all over Instagram have been killing this look in the best ways. As many of you know, thrifting and recreating is a trend this summer and with that being said, heading to your local thrift shop and finding old denim jeans is the key to this trend! You can grab mens or women's to achieve this look. Throw on a cute belt to cinch the waist and you have the baggy jeans trend compete. Cut off jeans, also known as Bermuda shorts remind me of elementary school days yet it is adored in our generation today.
10. High Waisted Bathing Suit
Last but definitely not least, my favorite trend this summer was easily high waisted bikini's ladies! Trends come and go but this style bathing suit seems to come back around each decade and it boosts women's confident levels immensely. My favorite part of the high waisted look is not only how adorable the styles are, but also the way it flatters every body type no matter what kind of curves or shapes you have. Although this trend is always coming and leaving, I hope it stays for a while because it always hides my food baby!

WOW! Feels good to be back writing on my blog again. Summer trends are to die for... but I am beyond excited for fall fashion, ladies! Thank you SO much for reading this post. I appreciate all of you more than you'll know.

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